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Larry Powenski

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Our Company History....

At least five times a day, we are asked why our company is named “DENVER” Sign Supply Co., Inc. No, we are not located in Denver, Colorado, and there is no Mr. or Mrs. Denver!

Our Company is named after a small, rural, 60-year-old west Texas town of about 5,000 people. The town is Denver City, and it is located about 80 miles southwest of Lubbock, 80 miles north/northwest of Midland, and about 40 miles north/northeast of Hobbs, New Mexico. Oil was discovered in 1939, and Denver City, born as an oil boomtown, was named after the old Denver Producing and Refining Company, which WAS headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Now that you know where Denver City, Texas is located, you also know where the benchmark “West Texas Intermediate Crude” comes from to this very day!

Larry M. Powenski, (president of Denver Sign Supply) was born and raised in Denver City, but left in 1970 through an oil field transfer and also to attend LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (For a location reference, we are located about 9 miles north of Baton Rouge).

When the company was founded in 1977, a name was needed that was easy to remember, spell, pronounce, and also meant something to the owners. Since we held good memories of Denver City, it was decided that we would name our company after the town. And, yes, we do still subscribe to the hometown newspaper, THE DENVER CITY PRESS!

The Denver City area is rich in oil and natural gas, and is now the center of the world’s largest CO-2 project. Denver City is known for it’s rich history in ranching and also for cotton, peanut, chili pepper and watermelon farming. It is an area where honesty and hard work are the rules rather than the exceptions. We are proud of our company name and the town it is named after, and we visit the area as often as possible.



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